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Welcome! We are Valour Fertilizer, an international fertilizer trading company based in Istanbul. Committed to quality products and service with our branding, we supply a wide range of basic, complex, specialty fertilizers and raw materials to our customers worldwide. With our expert team who believe in the power of sustainable agriculture, we work passionately to shape the future of farming and make our world a greener place.

We bring abundance to agriculture!

We provide the plant nutrients which the soil needs with produced by natural compounds and qualified fertilizers.

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We increase crop quality and yield results with our effective products which are quick and easy to apply .

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By increasing productivity in agriculture, we help farmers to grow higher quality products.

Valour Fertilizer Products

Urea, with a chemical formula CO (NH2)2, is a highly soluble organic compound commonly used in fertilizers due to its high nitrogen content. Urea is a crucial source of nitrogen for plant growth, playing a vital role in the synthesis of proteins and chlorophyll, essential components for plant development. Nitrogen is a key nutrient for promoting leafy growth and overall plant vigor, making urea a valuable fertilizer component for enhancing crop yield and quality. Additionally, urea is also utilized in various industrial processes, such as in the production of plastics and adhesives.

46% (N) UREA

DAP, or diammonium phosphate, is a widely used fertilizer containing both nitrogen and phosphorus, with chemical formula (NH4) 2 HPO4. It's known for its high water solubility and quick release of nutrients, making it suitable for various crops and soil types. DAP is a crucial fertilizer for plant growth as it supplies both nitrogen and phosphorus, essential nutrients for various stages of plant development. Nitrogen supports leafy growth and overall plant vigor, while phosphorus promotes root development, flowering, and fruiting, ensuring balanced and healthy plant growth, making it a popular choice among farmers for improving crop yield and quality.


Ammonium sulfate (AS 21%) primarily supplies nitrogen, an essential nutrient for plant growth. Nitrogen is integral for promoting leafy growth, enhancing chlorophyll production, and overall plant vigor. By providing a readily available source of nitrogen, and also being a highly water soluble fertilizer it provides a quick-release nitrogen source additionally, its sulfate component is crucial for various metabolic processes within plants, including the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, making it suitable for promoting rapid growth and green foliage in crops.


Calcium ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer containing calcium, ammonium, and nitrate. It provides a balanced supply of nitrogen and calcium, essential nutrients for plant growth and development. Nitrogen is crucial for promoting leafy growth, chlorophyll production, and overall plant vigor. Calcium, on the other hand, plays a vital role in cell wall formation and structural integrity, aiding in root development and disease resistance, thus supporting healthy and robust plant growth.


NP contains 20% nitrogen (N) and 20% phosphorus (P). It provides a balanced mix of nitrogen and phosphorus, essential nutrients for plant growth and development. Nitrogen is vital for promoting leafy growth, chlorophyll synthesis, and overall plant vigor, while phosphorus plays a key role in root development, flower formation, and fruit production. By providing a balanced combination of these nutrients, the fertilizer supports healthy and robust plant growth, especially during the early stages of development.


NPK + SO3 fertilizer is utilized for comprehensive plant growth support due to its combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulfur (SO3). Nitrogen aids in vegetative growth and chlorophyll production, phosphorus enhances root development and flowering, potassium promotes overall plant health and disease resistance and sulfur serving as an additional vital element required for various metabolic processes within plants . This blend ensures balanced nutrition, fostering robust growth, improved crop yield, and enhanced quality of produce.